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Nehring Vibration Measurement

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With NeVib human exposure to mechanical vibrations may be measured, displayed and


NeVib supports two vibration measuring points (each with three axis) and four additional channels (for example for rotational speed, power consumption etc.)

  • Manual entry of sensor sensitivities
  • Vector addition of 3 X/Y/Z-channels
  • grafic display (raw data, weighted signals)
  • Output to EXCEL and XML
  • Filtering of signals by additional trigger conditions (for example: use only acceleration values where rotational speed is between 1500 and 1600 RPM)
  • Zoom, cursor measurements
  • Display of maxima, mean values
  • more than one working cycle in one measurement possible

Frequency weightings:

According to EN ISO 8041 from 2004 the following evaluations are implemented:

  • Hand - arm vibrations (ISO 5349-1, weighting wh for all axis)
  • Whole body vibrations (EN ISO 2631-1, weighting for in x, Y-axis: wd, weighting for the Z-axis: wk)
  • Whole body vibrations in track vehicles (EN ISO 2631-4, weighting wb for all axis)
  • Low frequency whole body vibrations, Kinetosis (EN ISO 2631-1, weighting wf for all )
  • Building vibrations (EN ISO 2631-2, weighting wm for all axis)

Displays / Evaluations

  • Frequency weighted time signal [m/s/s],
  • Unweighted time signal [m/s/s],
  • weighted accelertaion, RMS[m/s/s],
  • Maxima
  • Additional channels, may be rotational speeds, power consumption ...

Standards observed

EN ISO 8041 (2004), EN ISO 5349 (2001), EN ISO 2631, DIN 45 675 (1987), VDI-directive VDI 2057 (2002), EU directive 2002/44/EG


Version 4.13 English and German (Full version and Demoversion)

EXCEL Sheet with verification of the weighting filters
Explanatory notes on verification

Info / Online Help

Info - Video showing NeVib (German) , duration ca. 2 min.

Download Video (ca. 2 MByte)

Languages available

German, English

Source of supply

Nehring PC-Messtechnik

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