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About us

Technology, custom made

We are an engineering company with an emphasis on quality assurance. Our focus is on measurement technology, acoustics and software development. We plan and implement individually developed solutions for our customers.

Everything from one source

You will receive from us a complete solution that will meet your needs, from the initial planning and development, through implementation and maintenance. Our strength lies particularly in a unique combination of software and hardware development fully utilizing our measurement technology expertise.

Tested and proven to be superior

We look back on over 30 years of experience being the competent partners for industry and development. Our perfected development methods are the basis for our good reputation. For example, our multi-channel SPM-10 is the only sound level meter with a design approval from the PTB. Our expertise is valued where quality and precision are crucial. Universities, research centers, technological businesses, as well as significant manufacturers within the automotive field, work with the technology made by Nehring. Our list of clientele has been increasing since 1985, to include a large number of demanding customers.

If you have a problem, be it hardware or software, ask us.